Defeat Jet Lag

Improve sleep and optimize performance with ClockCoach

An innovative scientific approach to protect your health and wellness, while traveling or at home.


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Health Oriented

ClockCoach is run by scientists and medical professionals who put your health and safety first.


Interact with a personalized, state of the art algorithm designed to optimize your unique circadian rhythm.

User Friendly

Access the ClockCoach Platform on your phone or a browser to receive your travel and sleep advice.

The ClockCoach Platform

The latest data science methodology combined with deep knowledge of circadian neuroscience produces safe, healthy and effective strategies to keep your internal clocks aligned whether at home or traveling for business or pleasure.

1. We take it all in

Input your regular daily habits, travel schedule and periodic feedback about how you're feeling and your daily activities.

2. We do the work

Your habits generate a personalized schedule that taps into the knowledge of domain experts in circadian biology. As you interact with the platform, your strategy evolves to best fit your real life.

3. We deliver the results

View your evolving schedule on your phone or computer and provide feedback throughout your day. The more you interact, the more personalized and effective your strategy becomes.

You are not alone

1 Billion

There are 1 Billion trips per year causing jet lag worldwide.

16 Million

There are 16 Million shift workers in the United States

84 Million

84 Million adults suffer from sleep loss in the United States

Our Team

ClockCoach was founded by specialists in sleep medicine, circadian neurobiology and software engineering.

We are committed to transferring the results of decades of our academic research at MIT and Boston University to those struggling with sleep or performance, or who simply wish to improve their overall health and travel without suffering jet lag.


Irina Zhdanova, MD, PhD



Andrew Fraine, PhD

Director, Software Development


Alexander Stankiewicz, PhD

Director, Business Development


Lili Yu, MD

Director, Product Development


Victor Pasols, MS

Director, Hardware Development

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