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How this upstart CEO Travels

This research series on how people in business and academia travel, conducted by sleep and circadian scientists, aims to highlight common struggles and strategies that people use to cope with jet lag, discomfort and scheduling. Todd Stewart is a prominent evangelist of the term “content partnerships.” A content partnership is when a brand and a…

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Chronic sleep disruption in early life advances Alzheimer’s pathology, in mice

Establishing good sleep habits young can have long term consequences for your health.  A new study demonstrates the impact of early life sleep disruption has on acceleration of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) brain pathology. AD  is a neurodegenerative disease affecting 5.6 million Americans and is characterized by progressive memory loss, inability to care for one’s self and…

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Jet lag impairs athletes, a study in MLB players

If you’re preparing for an athletic event or business meeting across two or more time zones without accounting for jet lag, you most likely will not be at optimal performance. A study of professional baseball players shows that travel induced circadian misalignment, better known as jet lag, has detrimental effects for both home and away…

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