Circadian  Alignment  Program


Like a good Captain navigating Space,

CAP is navigating Time,  

your ultimate non-renewable natural resource.



CAP is your gates to Circadian Alignment


Everyone starts with CAP. It fulfills all the main ClockCoach functions. Alleviates Jet Lag, helps you to Sleep at night and optimizes your daytime Performance.


CAP starts with the daily schedule you have designed for yourself. Thus, the level of initial personalization will depend on the amount of detail you provide on ClockProfile.


Meanwhile, through continuous observations and complex calculations, CAP determines your Optimal Alignment of circadian body Rhythms. It then gently initiates optimization of your daily routine, in collaboration with you. This helps to consider the real-life constraints of your work and family life.


While optimizing your schedule, CAP also identifies principal reasons for your Clock misalignment and designs ways to alleviate them. 


If CAP is satisfied with your progress, it continues serving you for as long as you wish. In case needed, CAP recommends you to a more specialized program, either REMEDY or SLIP



CAP alleviates Jet Lag

CAP-1 is released to general public in June 2018.


Jet Lag leads to two major circadian Misalignments. The external and internal. The external is more noticeable, since between you and the environment. However, it is the misalignment between your numerous internal Clocks that is the danger to your health. Read more HERE to know the problem.


CAP alleviates both types of misalignment by using an entire arsenal of tools to shift you to a new time zone "in one piece".  Those include timely application of bright light and darkness, nighttime sleep and power naps, melatonin, food, exercise, and more. 


CAP facilitates your alignment with the new environment, while keeping the pace of your internal Clocks similar, thus preventing their misalignment. 

Longterm friendship helps 


The longer CAP works with you at home and on the road, the better its understanding of your Circadian Clock system becomes. CAP studies your Clock and Sleep responses to daily life challenges, and learns lesson, benefiting you.


With each new trip, CAP learns more about your responses to Eastward and Westward flights, light, melatonin, exercise, food intake and other factors. This is the key to improving your Sleep and optimizing your Performance during Jet Lag.


The more feedback you provide, the better CAP can tailor the jet lag advice to you, helping your Clocks to make fast but healthy adjustment to a new time zone.

What helps CAP to help you


The ClockCoach Team's expertise in circadian neurobiology, sleep medicine and software/hardware engineering ensures high quality of CAP advice.


Proprietary algorithms based on experimental data, mathematical modeling and Artificial Intelligence machine learning are constantly crunching numbers. 


The mobile app interface allows you to easily navigate the CAP advice, and to provide CAP with needed feedback. The use of the same app by three Programs ensures seamless transitions between them.


Spoiler alert! The ClockCoach Toolbox is on the way. We are designing our own gadgets that will assist in following the CAP advice. 


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