Circadian Rhythms

Our Power Stations are on a Circadian Clock Shift: no wonder our energy goes up and down throughout the day.

Researchers at University of Basel, Switzerland, reported that our mitochondria, the tiny powerhouses that supply energy to each cell and entire organism, are following the Circadian Clock. Their elegant studies show that the Clock determines When and How Much energy mitochondria can supply us with.

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Circadian Clock can KILL Cancer

Two chemicals earlier found to affect specific Clock mechanisms were now shown to KILL a range of cancer cells in mice. Clinical trials are to be initiated. This is yet another evidence of the Circadian Clock can be a powerful agent of health in our organism.

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Using Melatonin Safely & Effectively Part 1: Basics and the Doses

Melatonin is a unique hormone. It tells all the cells of your body “It is Night and a Proper One!”. Indeed, not only Melatonin is made in the midst of our brain exclusively at night, but its production is immediately halted if our eyes tell that darkness was interrupted by light. This nighttime signal that reaches every cell of your body helps us sleep better and stay healthy. The safe use of Melatonin is critical. This includes the Dose, Time of administration and type of Preparation. ClockCoach helps you to use Melatonin wisely.

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