Jet Lag is Inevitable

but not its Symptoms!



Jet Lag is created

by External misalignment,

while its Symptoms are created

by Internal misalignment.


As simple as counting 1-2-3-4...


Each of your cells has

an internal Clock.


To provide for your

Health and Performance,

the Clocks have to be

Synchronized and Aligned.




Optimal Clock Alignment

is unique to You.



 Your Circadian Team


Normally, your internal Clocks run as a united Team.

They keep the same 24h Period by following the Sun,

and stay mutually Aligned in a way unique to you.


Their Internal Alignment, 


provides for your good

Sleep, Performance and Health. 

 Flying Across Time Zones


The Jet Lag is External Misalignment,

when your Clocks find the Sun to be either far ahead

or far behind them.


The key to success is

in keeping the Clocks

mutually Aligned,


while they are catching up

with the Sun.


The Losing Team


You lose

if your Clocks

lose synchrony,

while catching up with the Sun.


If the Clocks run

after the Sun at different speed,

having different Periods,

Internal Misalignment

of your principal body functions

creates Jet Lag symptoms.



In this misaligned Team,


after crossing 6 time zones,

Sleep will catch up with the Sun

in 4 days,

while Metabolism in 12 days.

You will suffer Jet Lag Symptoms

for 12 days.

 The Winning Team



makes your Clocks

run as a united Team.


 Keeping the same Period,

while running fast,

keeps the Clocks Aligned, 

alleviating Jet Lag symptoms.




After crossing 6 time zones,

your ClockCoach Team

remains aligned,


catching up with the Sun

in 3 days.



The Jet Lag is inevitable, but not its Symptoms!