Jet Lag


Causes & Consequences




Catching up with the Sun

Jet Lag


Causes & Consequences


If you are a world traveller, Jet Lag is inevitable 

   but not its Symptoms!

  ClockCoach will help you to enjoy the flight & beyond. 


Take Care of Your Clock Team!

Ext misalignment team runs


From Circadian Alignment to

Misalignment in One Day 


Your numerous internal body Rhythms have to be in optimal mutual Alignment and Synchrony to preserve your health and wellness. Like on a huge assembly line, each job has to be done exactly on time. Keeping the same pace or Period is the key.


If not?


If your Cardiovascular Rhythms are not delivering more oxygen on time, if your Metabolic Rhythms are not increasing energy levels, as planned, if your Sleep Rhythm is out of sync, keeping you awake all night,      .... the list goes on...

...then, your Mood and Performance are low, and Health suffers.



alignment cross


The Circadian Clock Team

Aligned & Synchronized

Normally, the circadian body Rhythms are Aligned with each other in a mutually beneficial way,


They are running their daily track as a Team, synchronized with the 24h Period of the Sun. 


Since the 1950s, the Circadian Alignment is challenged by passenger jets flying over thousands of miles and many time zones in less than a day. 


With this arrives Jet Lag, an External MisalignmentYour internal Clocks suddenly find themselves either way ahead or way behind the local time, and the Sun. They have to dramatically change their pace to quickly realign with the new environment. 


Off plane stadium

Catching up with the Sun  

To fight Jet Lag, each circadian Rhythm is trying its best to catch up with the Sun. To prevent you from suffering Jet Lag symptoms, the Rhythms should remain Synchronized and Aligned with each other, as one Circadian Team.


From External to

Internal Misalignment


To end External Misalignment, your Clocks have to change their Period. They shorten the Period and run faster, if traveling East. They increase their Period and run slower, if traveling West.


Changing the Period is not easy for the Clocks. That is why some of them are better at catching up with the Sun than others. If the Circadian Rhythms stop working as a Team and desynchronize, their Internal Alignment is lost, making you suffer the Jet Lag symptoms.



Circadian misaignment stadium

The Losing Team

If the Team loses Synchrony,

it loses Alignment


Here, after a trip from New York to Amsterdam, the four circadian Rhythms are not only behind the Sun but are running after it at different speed. Difference in their daily Period will lead to Sleep realigning with the Sun in 4 days, while Metabolism in 12 days. The Jet Lag symptoms will last for at least 12 days.


jet. lag symptoms

Different pace of realignment with the environment leads to 

Internal Misalignment of your diverse body Rhythms. This creates numerous Jet Lag symptoms. Some of those you can notice, like Sleep disruption, while others are causing harm in the shadows.


The nature and duration of Jet Lag effects on your health, sleep and performance depend on which Rhythms remain mutually misaligned and for how long.



The Jet Lag is inevitable but not its Symptoms!



The Winning

ClockCoach Team

Catching up with the Sun Fast and Mutually Aligned

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