Jet Lag and Shift Work confuse your Circadian Clocks. 

Chronic circadian misalignment is taking its toll on your health,

mood, cognitive and physical performance, your looks, your family and work relationships.

Time to ask Science for help!


When the pain cuts you deep
When the night keeps you from sleeping
Just look



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Chronic Jet Lag


Whether you are a frequent business traveler, pilot in a cockpit or a member of a cabin crew, you know the Jet Lag problems all too well.


Daytime fatigue, sleepless nights, less than perfect mood and performance, memory lapses, increased anxiety and irritability, stomach dysfunctions, headache... 

Sounds familiar?


Once CAP evaluation of your Circadian Clock responses is complete, you might qualify for REMEDY. 


REMEDY employs additional set of algorithms and sleep-improvement approaches. It continuously monitors your Clocks, placing each trip within the context of those before and after it. This minimizes impact of each trip on your sleep and performance, and makes easier transitions between them.


Shift Work


New to Shift Work or a veteran? The effects of complex and often variable schedules, and especially night shifts, are painfully obvious.


Clock responses to shift work schedules and other environmental factors associated with those differ between individuals. Finding the set of solutions that would be right for you is critical.


CAP will evaluate your Clock responses and potential solutions. Thereafter, depending on your progress, responses, and a complexity of your work or home schedules, CAP may recommend switching to REMEDY.


REMEDY provides in-depth analysis of the type of Shifts that make the least and the worst impact on your organism. It then offers solutions to mitigate at least the most dangerous effects of shift work on your health, sleep, mood and performance.