ClockCoach Strategy

 Do not give Jet Lag a head start!



Three quick and easy steps

to create your

Personalized No-Jet-Lag Plan. 


Create Your Account 

using any browser

on your phone or desktop.

Start using our


Progressive Web App

right away. 


Watch BELOW how to create

a ClockCoach App icon

on your phone *



Answer the

Clock Profile




Enter Your

Round Trip






Your entire


Trip Schedule

is in the palm of your hand.


The schedule includes the days you chose to shift your Clocks before the flight, the time you are at your destination and while realigning your Clocks back at home. It reflects your choices of a complete shift to the new environment, or partial shift that would be easier on your body and Clocks. It can even allow you not to shift, if that is your choice, helping you to maintain your home schedule. 


Each day can be seen in three views, for your convenience.

Monthly Calendar


24-h Clock


Daily Calendar



No more guessing!

Every day,

at home or on the road,

You would know exactly...


  • when to schedule events to feel good and perform great
  • when to get sound sleep and benefit from dreams
  • when to eat with appetite and digest well
  • when to exercise to build muscles and avoid strains


and way more...

The Snapshot screen

shows you what is coming next

and how much time is left.



Continuously enhance


of ClockCoach advice 

by providing feedback

about Your Mood,

feeling Hungry or Sleepy.


All your activities are scheduled the way that preserves the

integrity of your body and mind,

while realigning you fast and safe to the local time.


Creating a ClockCoach App icon on your phone*

* Do not use the phone icon while planning to use the App in off-line mode, for example in-flight. In such cases, open the App directly on a browser ( or use Log-in button on You would then have all the App functions working in off-line mode, except for adding/editing a new trip itinerary.