Our Team


ClockCoach is founded by specialists in sleep medicine,

circadian neurobiology and software engineering.


Expert in Sleep Medicine and Circadian Neuroscience

before 2000, Principal Research Scientist, MIT  Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences, and Clinical Research Center

before 2017, Professor of Anatomy & Neurobiology, Boston University School of Medicine

Current focus is on applying all the acquired knowledge and experience to helping others to perfect Sleep and Performance, and protect Health by keeping the internal circadian Clocks optimally aligned.

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

After conducting doctorate research in quantum physics at Boston University, co-founded Automata, a big-data analysis company. Then co-founded ClockCoach Inc. to apply the big-data knowledge to Health & Wellness.

Current focus is on developing sophisticated data analysis algorithms that reveal mutual alignment of circadian rhythms, helping travelers to alleviate jet lag symptoms fast, while protecting their Health.


Alexander Stankiewicz, PhD

Neurobiology of Circadian Rhythms

After conducting doctorate research at Boston University on the role of the circadian Clock in the birth of new neurons in adult brain, co-founded ClockCoach Inc.

Current focus is on developing the business so that to benefit all those frequent travelers, whose circadian system and thus Health suffers from misalignment of the Clocks due to Jet Lag, or for other reasons. 

Neurobiology of Circadian Rhythms

Devoted close to 20 years to academic research at MIT and Boston University, studying the role of circadian rhythms in aging, with specialization in circadian control of endocrine functions and gene expression.

Current focus is on developing products that would help frequent travelers to prevent Jet Lag symptoms and protect their Health from circadian misalignment.

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Over 6 years of experience in designing and building custom electronic devices for academic research on circadian rhythms, while at Boston University.

Current focus is on developing novel devices that would help frequent travelers to align circadian rhythms and facilitate sleep.